Few things you must avoid in morning

We people ourselves creating troubles in our life. We don’t know some of the basic things which we are required to do and which are not, as soon as we open our eyes.

Well in the morning, we do some things that make us lazy throughout the day. Today in this article we have brought you some of the points that one must need to avoid in order to have a healthy and active day.

1. Stop checking mobile/cell phone:

Well, the first thing nowadays most of the people seems to do is start checking the notifications on Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, and WhatsApp. They never know how badly the light of their phone affects the retina in their eyes.

At least you must need to wait for 30 minutes after wake up. And then you can swipe your notifications. And moreover, you must put your phone on airplane mode before going to bed in the night. As by doing this, you will prevent yourself from the harmful radiations your cell phone releases in the night. Also putting your phone on airplane mode will prevent you from a severe headache, you might have sometime faced in the morning.

2. Heavy snacks:

This must not be done. As soon as people wake up they look forward to the snacks. Heavy breakfast will lead them to the stomach pain. In the morning everyone needs to have a light breakfast so that they can keep themselves in the active mode.

Fried food, snacks and anything healthy will make them feel lazy to the somewhat extent and the result will be they will feel sleepy and lazy.

Updated: October 8, 2018 — 7:24 pm

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