Problems a person could get to face because of the relationship that is built on the social media platforms

Technology has taken relationships to a new level where all the purposes are being carried upon the social platforms. As people think that it is easy to purpose someone through text rather than to purpose him/her face to face. Modern technology has provided us so many dating sites, where one could date another or social platforms where we get a chance to meet new people. The relationships built with the help of technology completely seem to be different from the relationships that used to take time to settle down. Because in those relationships one had to think twice or thrice before going to purpose someone. But with the introduction of the social platforms and the availability of chatting with an unknown has made it easy. So people never think before purposing either they know each other or they don’t know each other.

The new modern relationships also have brought a plethora of problems. As it is not easy at all to keep a relationship which has not the strong roots. In the traditional relationships, people used to write a letter which was handwritten, also the handwritten letter used to contain so many feelings. But nowadays it seems to get replaced by the email or the texts. And while the old relationships used to hold so many precious moments and took time to the purpose and nowadays, sending someone a rose flower emoji is meant as someone is purposing him/her.

Updated: September 11, 2018 — 7:40 pm

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