Problems a person could get to face because of the relationship that is built on the social media platforms

1. How dare you like that girl’s pic?

Most of the people among us must have heard this clause. The social media platforms provide us with a “Like” button, everyone must be aware of it. So clicking the like button sometimes becomes the reason of breakups. People who are more possessive for their partner cant bear, if their partner just presses the like button on someone’s display picture. So beware of your partner before going to like someone picture on social media platform, because he/she keeps an eye on each and every activity which is being performed by you.

2. Changes after time:

Everything in a relationships stays for a constant time. It never stays same as it was at the initial stage of your relationship. Everything in a relationship keeps on changing with the change in time. Like in the starting of relationship, when a man forgot to drink the milk his woman made for him, it never becomes a reason for argument. But with the time, the same issue becomes a reason for her to get angry with him. Like how comes it possible that you every time forgot to drink milk made by me and never forgot to bring c*nd*ms?

Updated: September 11, 2018 — 7:40 pm

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